2024 Stefan Banach Scholarship

Government of Poland 2024 Stefan Banach Scholarship for Developing Countries

This year, there’s a significant update to the scholarship landscape in Poland, particularly for students from developing countries. The Stefan Banach Scholarship Programme and the Lukasiewicz Scholarship Programme, previously separate initiatives by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), are now unified. This merger aims to streamline opportunities for young learners seeking higher education in Poland.

Benefits of the 2024 Stefan Banach Scholarship

The primary goal of this consolidated programme is to boost socio-economic advancement in developing nations by empowering their citizens through enhanced education and knowledge. It offers scholarships for second-degree studies at Polish universities, under the supervision of the Minister of Education and Science. These studies encompass fields crucial for progress, such as engineering, technical sciences, agricultural sciences, exact sciences, and life sciences. Importantly, courses are available in both Polish and English, broadening accessibility.

Requirements for the 2024 Stefan Banach Scholarship

The NAWA scholarship may be applied for by citizens of the following countries: Albania, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Palestine, Peru, the Philippines, Senegal, Serbia, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

In addition, the citizens of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan can complete second-degree studies in the fields of humanities and social sciences under the Programme, except for philological studies in the field of the beneficiary’s native language.

This initiative represents a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, serving as an embodiment of Polish development aid principles. By amalgamating these scholarships, Poland aims to foster global educational exchange and contribute to the growth of promising leaders from developing nations.

In 2021, the Banach Scholarship Programme and the Lukasiewicz Scholarship Programme officially combined forces, marking a pivotal step in enhancing educational opportunities for youth from developing countries who aspire to study in Poland.

The 2024 Stefan Banach Scholarship Method of Application

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Application Deadline: June 21, 2024.

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