Internal Auditor at Chilis Restaurant

Internal Auditor at Chilis Restaurant

Chilis Restaurant stands as a beacon of contemporary African cuisine, offering a diverse array of meals crafted to deliver the authentic taste of homemade dishes while ensuring the utmost priority on health and hygiene standards. As a 24-hour chain eatery, they dedicate their time in satiating your cravings whenever they strike because they

We’re currently seeking a dynamic individual to join our team in the role of Internal Auditor. This position, based in Ibadan, Oyo State, offers a full-time employment opportunity.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Position: Internal Auditor at Chilis Restaurant

Job Location: Ibadan, Oyo
Employment Type: Full-time


As an Internal Auditor at Chilis Restaurant, your responsibilities will encompass a wide range of crucial tasks aimed at ensuring the financial integrity and operational efficiency of our establishment. Here’s a glimpse into what the role entails:

  • Financial Statement Oversight: You’ll be tasked with analyzing and assessing our financial statements to ensure accuracy, compliance, and transparency.
  • Internal Control Evaluation: Conduct thorough evaluations of our internal control systems to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Thereby, enhancing our operational effectiveness.
  • Production Costing Analysis: Delving into the details of production costing to optimize our resource allocation and maximize profitability without compromising on quality.
  • Accounting Book Monitoring: Regularly monitoring and inspecting our accounting books. This is to spot any discrepancies or irregularities, thus safeguarding our financial interests.
  • Profit and Loss Management: Working diligently on managing the profit and loss aspects of our business. Hence, driving sustainable growth and profitability.
  • Documentation Management: Ensuring meticulous documentation of financial records and audit findings for future reference and compliance purposes.
  • Recommendation Formulation: Drawing upon your expertise to formulate actionable recommendations aimed at enhancing our financial performance and operational efficiency.
  • Taxation Management: Handling tax liabilities, calculating tax returns, and ensuring compliance with relevant tax regulations to uphold our legal obligations.
  • Cash Flow Tracking: Tracking and analyzing cash flows from inception to conclusion to maintain liquidity and financial stability.
  • Fund Accountability Verification: Verifying that organizational funds are allocated and utilized in accordance with established protocols and standards, thereby fostering trust and accountability.

Method of Application

If you’re a qualified candidate with a passion, please send your CV to, with the job position clearly stated in the subject line of the email.

Join Chilis Restaurant and be part of a vibrant team that shows dedication to redefining the culinary experience while upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

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