Grooming Endowment Trust Grants

Grooming Endowment Trust Grants For SMEs

Grooming Endowment Trust N2 Million Grants For SMEs 2024

Grooming Endowment Trust is actively promoting sustainable social initiatives in education, health, enterprise, and community development since its establishment as a nonprofit in August 2020. Initially funded by Grooming Centre, the Trust supports social enterprises that create significant impact within their communities through grants and investments.

The organization is dedicated to achieving lasting positive change globally, adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its primary focus areas encompass education, health, enterprise, and community development in peri-urban and rural regions, alongside humanitarian aid and relief efforts for vulnerable populations.

The GET Compass initiative exemplifies their commitment to empowering small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs). This grant program offers up to 2 million Naira to eligible businesses, facilitating their growth and providing essential training to enhance operational efficiency.

Benefits of GET Compass:

  1. Financial Support for Growth: SMEs receive grants to bolster their financial capabilities and scale their operations effectively.
  2. Capacity Building: Participants gain valuable insights and skills through specialized workshops aimed at optimizing business processes.
  3. Support for Business Expansion: Grants can be used for expansion initiatives, capital investments, operational improvements, and overall business development.

Requirements and Eligibility for the Grooming Endowment Trust Grants

  1. Age and Business Age: Business owners must be 18 years or older, and their businesses should not exceed three years of operation.
  2. Workshop Attendance: Applicants must commit to attending a two-week workshop in Lagos, designed to enhance their business acumen and operational strategies.
  3. Business Registration: Businesses must be legally registered entities, whether as a business name, with local government authorities, Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), or other relevant regulatory bodies.
  4. Demonstrated Viability: Applicants need to demonstrate that their business is operational and has the potential for sustained growth and impact.

Through GET Compass, Grooming Endowment Trust aims to foster a conducive environment for SMEs to thrive, thereby contributing to economic development and community prosperity. By combining financial support with educational opportunities, the initiative empowers entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable growth and make a positive difference in their respective sectors.

In conclusion, Grooming Endowment Trust’s GET Compass initiative stands as a beacon of support for SMEs seeking to expand their horizons. By offering substantial grants and comprehensive training, the Trust ensures that businesses not only survive but thrive, embodying the spirit of sustainable development and social responsibility.

Method of Application

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Application Deadline: June 28, 2024

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