No surgery for Mbappé for now

No surgery for Mbappé for now – French Football Federation says

There are “no operations planned for the immediate future” for Kylian Mbappé.

Mbappé sustained a broken nose on Monday as France kicked off its Euro 2024 campaign on a win.

The captain of teh French national team stayed on the ground after his face collided with the shoulder Austria’s Kevin Danso as he attempted a header during the Group D match at Dusseldorf Arena.

The president of the French Football Federation gave an update on Tuesday (Jun. 18).

There were some medical exams that have been done on site, to know more about the status of Kylian Mbappé’s nose and they made some conclusions pretty quickly. They tried to reduce the aftermath of his fracture, for him to be able to stay in the tournament. It happened right away yesterday evening. As I said, there is no surgery planned for the moment. We’ll wait until the end of the day to see how things develop.

On Sunday (Jun. 16), Mbappé warned voters against the extremes in the snap elections set to take place later this month.

His comments were widely talked about. Philippe Diallo defended his players.

I guarantee their freedom of speech as everyone has an opinion of what is happening in our society. We should more congratulate them about that because I can remember in the past we used to say that football players had no ideas on every topics, they were just able to kick in a ball. We have now some generations that do care about what happens in the society.

It said a mask would be made to allow Mbappé to “consider resuming competition after a period devoted to treatment.”

France’s priority will be to get him back on the field and leading its bid to win a record-equalling third Euros. Madrid will want him in peak condition for the start of the season and Mbappé already indicated this week that his new club did not want him to take part in the Paris Olympics, where the men’s final is Aug. 9.

If he is to play on at the Euros, he will need to wear the type of protective face mask worn by Son Heung-min and Josko Gvardiol at the World Cup in 2022.

But the speed of his return will depend on the level of discomfort he feels.

A broken nose can take weeks to heal and the National Health Service in the U.K. says sport should be avoided for “at least six weeks if there’s a chance your face might be hit.”

Mbappe, who has returned to the team’s training camp with the rest of the squad, appeared to see the lighter side of his injury.

“Any ideas for masks?” he posted on X.

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