2024 Seasonal Farm Worker Positions in Italy

2024 Seasonal Farm Worker Positions in Italy

Apply for 2024 Seasonal Farm Worker and Fruit Picking Positions in Italy.

Italy, a country known for its stunning landscapes and rich culture, presents an exciting opportunity. This guide will provide you with all the information you need about the available seasonal Farm Worker and Fruit Picking jobs in Italy in 2024.

These job roles have seen a surge in demand due to Italy’s Decreto Flussi programme. The initiative has earmarked 44,000 work permits for jobs in sectors like tourism, fruit picking/packing, and agricultural work.

The Decreto Flussi scheme invites non-EU workers to spend up to 9 months in Italy, working and enjoying the Italian lifestyle.

Please note that EU citizens do not require a work permit to work in Italy. So, if you have an interest in contributing to the agricultural sector in Italy, you’ll need to apply through the Italian Embassy or Consulate. Read on for more information.

Snapshot of Seasonal Farm Worker and Fruit Picking Jobs in Italy in 2024

  • Host Country: Italy
  • Job Type: Seasonal Job (Tourism, Fruit Picking, Vegetable, Farming)
  • Visa Type: Seasonal Work Visa
  • Available Visas for Non-EU Workers: 44,000

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Italy’s work visas operate on an annual quota system for non-EU nationals.

For 2024, the total number of work permits stands at 82,705 for non-EU country citizens, with 44,000 of these earmarked for seasonal jobs in Italy.

How to Secure Seasonal Jobs in Italy

The crucial first step is to secure a job in Italy as this will allow you to apply for a work visa. Concentrate on this stage as a job offer is the gateway to this opportunity.

Here are some resources to help you find Farm Worker or Fruit Picking jobs in Italy in 2024:

  • SeasonWorkers: This website regularly posts seasonal job opportunities in Italy, spanning roles such as fruit picking, farm work, and hospitality.
  • EURES Job Portal: Created by the EU Commission, this portal helps individuals find jobs across Europe. You should create a CV following the Europass CV Format 2024. Select “Find a Job” on the homepage and then choose “Italy” from the sidebar to view current job openings in Italy.

Typical Farm Jobs in Italy

  • Picking fruits and vegetables
  • Tending to livestock
  • Maintaining the farm

Duration of Stay

A seasonal work visa permits you to stay and work in Italy for up to 9 months.


You can find more details about how to apply for the Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2024 here.


  • You need to have a job offer from an Italian employer (for non-EU nationals)
  • A valid passport is required
  • You should have a clean criminal record
  • You must be financially stable enough to support yourself in Italy
  • Ensure to apply before the specified deadline.

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