Poverty alleviation; Abia Commissioner ready to partner with FG

Commissioner Ngozi Felix Supports Poverty Alleviation Initiatives in State

In Abia State, Commissioner Ngozi supports the Federal Government’s commendable initiative poverty alleviation in a recent event. Felix emphasize that poverty reduction is a top priority in Dr. Alex Otti’s administration

Felix commended President Bola Tinubu for providing Abia residents with the opportunity to benefit from the conditional cash transfer program. He stated that the event is another chance to contribute to an inclusive and good economy. Accompanied by the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Ogechi Oguama, the commissioner urged trainees to actively participate in the program.

Also, the representative of the National Enrolment Unit, Musa Mohammed visited to Abia State. His visit was to ensure a smooth enrollment process aligned with the Federal Government’s Renewed Hope agenda. Mohammed mentioned that the digitized process guarantees direct payments to beneficiaries’ bank accounts, eliminating any possibility of malpractice.

Nwoko noted 22,850 Abia residents benefited from the Federal Government’s cash transfer program in the past three to four years.

Poverty Alleviation: President Bola Tinubu hosts Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, at his Lagos residence. [Presidential Meeting]
Poverty Alleviation: President Bola Tinubu hosts Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, at his Lagos residence. [Presidential Meeting]

Abia Program Manager Okeziem Nwoko announced 90,000 individuals would be enrolled from 1,050,000 prospective beneficiaries across 17 Local Government Areas. Over the past three to four years, 22,850 vulnerable individuals in Abia benefited from the Federal Government’s cash transfer program.

Expressing optimism, Nwoko believed that the number of beneficiaries in the state would continue to increase growing. Notably, this marks the first implementation of the program across all 17 LGAs, highlighting the state’s commitment to poverty alleviation.

Moreover, Nwoko emphasized the importance of the training program, focusing on instilling empathy and integrity in facilitators. He assured attendees that fraud would be prevented, with payments exclusively through beneficiaries’ bank accounts with a BVN and NIN.

Facilitators Cherechi Paul and Samuel Ubaka reported that the training greatly improved their grasp of compassion and ethical responsibilities.

In conclusion, Abia’s training for Cash Transfer Facilitators underscores the government’s commitment to poverty alleviation efforts. With continued efforts, it is hopeful that the program will encompass all impoverished and vulnerable individuals throughout the state.

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