Nasarawa PDP Stakeholders Push for National Chairmanship

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stakeholders in Nasarawa have started advocating for the national chairmanship to be allocated to their state.

Mustapha Ibrahim Umaisha released a statement on Tuesday, emphasizing that it is high time Nasarawa got national representation within the party.

Key points from the stakeholders’ advocacy include:

Need for Inclusivity:

They stressed the importance of inclusivity in the party’s leadership, highlighting Nasarawa’s prolonged absence in top positions.

Quote: “In the spirit of inclusivity, it is time for Nasarawa to take a prominent role in the leadership of the PDP, a position we have been conspicuously absent from.”

Historical Context:

They recalled the situation before the 2023 election when Nasarawa’s only advisory role, held by Sen. Walid Jibrin as BOT Chairman, was lost due to internal conflicts.

They believe Nasarawa’s willingness to step back then should now be recognized.

Comparisons with the Neighboring States:

The group pointed out that neighboring states like Benue, Kwara, Kogi, and Plateau have had their turns in leadership roles, while Nasarawa has been left out despite its loyalty.

Quote: “We have witnessed neighboring states like Benue, Kwara, Kogi, and Plateau enjoying the chairmanship position, while our counterparts in other states have consistently occupied positions zoned to the North Central.”

Qualified Candidates:

They highlighted that Nasarawa has highly qualified candidates for the national chairmanship, specifically mentioning Dr. David Emmanuel Ombugadu, the PDP’s gubernatorial candidate in the 2023 elections.

Quote: “David Ombugadu embodies the essence of effective leadership, commanding admiration and respect both locally and nationally.”

Call for Fairness:

Engr KB Mohammed from Keffi echoed the call for fairness, emphasizing that ignoring Nasarawa for a national leadership role would be unjust.

Quote: “As the call for representation grows louder, all eyes are on the PDP caucus to heed the call for inclusivity and fairness within the party’s ranks, and Ombugadu is the answer.”

The stakeholders are united in their demand for Nasarawa’s inclusion in the PDP’s national leadership, underscoring the state’s loyalty and the availability of capable leaders like David Ombugadu. They urge the party to respond to their call for a fairer and more inclusive leadership structure.


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